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Citizenship law changes come into effect
By MaltaMedia News
Aug 1, 2007 - 2:37:32 PM

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Second generation Maltese born outside of the country will be able to apply for Maltese citizenship through amendments to the Citizenship Act, which came into effect on Wednesday.  

The changes are a result of reforms to the citizenship law, which were launched last February.  Through the reforms children of Maltese citizens who were not born in the Maltese Islands can apply to become bearers of Maltese citizenship and passport.

Addressing a press conference on Wednesday, Minister for Justice and Home Affairs Dr Tonio Borg said that although the law in itself refers to second generation Maltese, it is also applicable to subsequent generations, as long as the applicant can prove that his or her ancestors were born in Malta to Maltese parents.  

Second generation Maltese will be able to register for their dual citizenship from their country of residence and will not be required to settle in Malta.  

Applications for purposes of registration can be submitted at Maltese embassies in forign shores.  

Furthermore, a law favouring persons born outside of Malta prior to 1964 also came into effect on Wednesday, where citizenship will be granted to anyone who is a child to a non-Maltese father and Maltese mother.

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