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Poll indicates decrease between PN, MLP gap
By MaltaMedia News
Feb 10, 2008 - 1:32:07 PM

On Sunday, newspapers continued publishing results of opinion polls on possible election results.

A survey by MaltaToday has revealed that the gap between the Nationalist Party (PN) and the Malta Labour Party (MLP) has decreased. The most recent opinion poll held by the newspaper has in fact now set the difference betwen the two parties at only two per cent in favour of the MLP.

On Sunday 3rd February, MaltaToday had revealed that the Labour Party has doubled its lead over the PN from three to six percentage points with the Nationalist Party (PN) retaining the same level of support.
Meanwhile, a survey held by M&E Management Group on behalf of it-Torca revealed that 48.72 per cent of Maltese and Gozitan believe that the Malta Labour Party (MLP) would have the best governance. The Nationalist Party obtained 34.62 per cent.

On the other hand, Azzjoni Nazzjonali (AN) achieved 2.24 per cent and surpassed the Green Party by 0.32 per cent. Nearly six per cent of respondents were uncertain who would have better governance while 6.73 per cent refrained from giving their opinion.

The Torca survey was held between Wednesday and Thursday through random sampling amongst 312 persons.

Meanwhile , The Sunday Times learnt that a scheme is to be announced in the coming days to encourage the 3,000 or so Maltese citizens living abroad to vote in the general election. The scheme drawn up by the Government and Air Malta will offer a subsidised return air ticket for €35 (Lm15) which will be valid for up to two weeks. It is still unclear whether travelling voters will have to pay the fuel surcharge on top of the €15 fare.

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