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Glasgow airport bomber communicated with Malta
By MaltaMedia News
Jul 15, 2007 - 12:42:36 PM

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Glasgow aiport bomber Kafeel Ahmned had frequent communications with Malta as well as the UK, Finland, Saudi Arabai and Oman during his stay in India between December 2005 and April 2007, The Indian Express reported.

A widespread investigation to understand the links and connections of Kafeel Ahmed and Sabeel Ahmed, the brothers allegedly at the heart of the 30th June UK terror plot, and their families, is being undertaken by the Bangalore police, primarily using cyber and mobile phone forensics.

The police are analysing mobile phone records for a number believed to have been largely used by Kafeel Ahmned, The Indian Express said. This phone number was incidentally provided by Kafeel Ahmed as the contact for a meeting organised in Bangalore on February 19, 2006 to mark World Chechnya Day.

Sources said the phone number was in use from January 2006 till January 2007 before it was discarded.

As part of their investigation, the Bangalore police are questioning local residents whose numbers appeared frequently on the call list for the SIM.

The Indian Express reported sources saying that as many as 800 messages have also been retrieved from a handset used by Kafeel’s mother Zakia, most being from relatives.

The police have also begun looking at the hard disk of a computer used mostly by Kafeel during his stay in India. Police also hope to find records of e-mail communications and details of Internet interactions involving the computer used by Kafeel.

The police are also looking at financial details, records of purchase and sales of vehicles, passports and licences of the family.

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