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Tree-planting activity at Foresta 2000 site
By MaltaMedia News
Sep 30, 2007 - 9:13:46 AM

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During a press conference held by BirdLife Malta, Din l-Art Helwa (DLH) and the Ministry for Rural Affairs and the Environment (MRAE), the conservation organisation expressed its appreciation to the Maltese population for its unprecedented support to the Foresta 2000 project.

The organisations announced that a three day tree-planting weekend will be organised between October 19-21 with the aim of launching the replanting of more trees than those vandalized.

“Maltese and foreigners alike living in Malta were justly outraged by the cowardly act last May when some still-unknown individuals damaged or destroyed 3,000 trees and shrubs at the Foresta 2000 site,” Joseph Mangion, BirdLife Malta President explained. “It is indeed to everybody’s credit that donations towards the re-planting of more trees than were destroyed have been collected. This is an indisputable sign that nature and wildlife are very dear to all in Malta and efforts to enhance and protect our natural heritage are welcomed by the vast majority.”

Several companies, groups, schools and individuals donated or sponsored trees for planting in this afforestation initiative and the Italian Corpo Forestale dello Stato had provided 8,000 trees and shrubs over the last three years.

Mr Mangion called on the Maltese authorities to do everything in their power to bring those responsible for the damage to the trees at the Foresta 2000 site to justice, also in view of the outpour of solidarity shown from all corners.

The Foresta 2000 afforestation project is managed by BirdLife Malta, DLH and the PARKS department of MRAE. The aim is to create a Mediterranean forest that will become an attraction for both Maltese and foreigners wanting to explore and enjoy nature. Nature trails are being planned that will take hikers through the groves of native trees. The intention is also to attract birds and other fauna to the area. Much of the native flora species being planted will provide a food source throughout the year for birds and mammals.

During the tree planting weekend between October 19 and 21, guided tours will be carried out to the Ghadira Nature Reserve and the site of the EU LIFE Yelkouan Shearwater Project based in Mellieha.

To find out more about the Foresta 2000 site as well as to contribute towards the project, please visit Donations can be made directly through the website or through BirdLife’s dedicated APS account 20000166561.

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