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Malta needs Climate Change Legislation
By MaltaMedia News
Sep 11, 2008 - 9:27:38 AM

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Friends of the Earth (FOE) Malta said it is glad to note that the labour spokesperson for the environment, Leo Brincat is taking  political action on climate change, in particular the proposal to pass a Private Members' Bill at Parliament level.

In a statement on Thursday, FOE said “that this is the way forward to make sure that the current, and subsequent, governments are committed to act on the pressing issue of climate change.”

On a political front, FOE are participating in the European wide Big Ask campaign with the aim to lobby the government to adopt a Climate Change Bill in Parliament by the end of 2010.  Friends of the Earth Malta has been collecting petitions since February 2008 and this campaign has been very successful and popular with the public. However little action has been taken in Malta to foster renewable energy and thus contribute to the fight against climate change.

“Although proper research and debate are required, organising conferences and writing voluminous reports are not enough to combat climate change. The country needs to move forward; there is a need for immediate reduction in our greenhouse gas emissions and this can only be achieved by increased investment in renewable energy. We believe that this will also assure energy security to the Maltese population.” FOE continued.
The petition that is being circulated by Friends of the Earth Malta states that the European Commission has requested that by 2020, 10% of our energy requirements will be derived from renewable sources. Malta has also been granted a 5% increase in carbon dioxide emissions above 2005 levels. Friends of the Earth Malta welcomes this agreement. However Friends of the Earth Malta believes that Malta can better this target.

Friends of the Earth Malta is lobbying for the enactment of a National Climate Change Legislation that enforces a net decrease of 10% below 1990 levels. This would promote:  national legal enforceable targets, encouragement towards investment in Research and Development for innovation in the renewable energy sector, inspiration for new business markets,  promotion of a low-carbon economy.

Friends of the Earth Malta said it is advocating the enactment of a National Climate Change Legislation to ensure a net decrease of 10% in carbon dioxide emissions below 1990 levels.

FOE’s petition can be signed online at

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