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MADC with Life x 3 at Manoel Theatre
By MaltaMedia News
Mar 23, 2007 - 9:03:11 AM

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The MADC’s next offering for the theatrical season is Yasmina Reza's thought-provoking play Life x 3.  

The play features Henri and Sylvia, who are in the midst of an ordinary evening at home when the doorbell buzzes. It is one of Henri’s bosses and his wife who have arrived for a dinner party a day too early. What happens next? Reza's fascinating play takes us through the same scenario three different times.

Life x 3 is being held from Friday 30th March to Sunday 1st April, starting at 200CET. It is directed by Jon Rosser at the Manoel Theatre and the cast is made up of Coryse Borg as Sylvia, Alex Grech as Henri, Anthony Ellul as Hubert and Vanessa Macdonald as Ines.

Tickets may be purchased from the Manoel Theatre, from the Booking Office in Valletta, telephone number 21 246389, fax number 21 237340 and email


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