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Local film awarded Best Screenplay in Hollywood
By MaltaMedia News
Sep 9, 2007 - 9:51:36 AM

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The Maltese film Malta George Cross has been awarded Best Screenplay by the Jury of the Documentary and Fiction Festival of Hollywood. The film was produced by Latina Pictures, directed by Winston Azzopardi and presented by San Andrea School.

The film started off as a school project in 2005 at San Andrea School, a co-educational, independent, non-profit making school run by the Parents Foundation For Education.

The documentary-drama film deals with the harsh realities of World War II as seen in the eyes of a child who recalls hardships, poverty, friendships and death. Shot in several period key locations in Malta intertwined with real World War II footage, Malta George Cross reveals this perspective within a historical context coloured with a human touch.

The narration was left in the hands of the late Charles Arrigo and editing was done by Rebecca Cemona who is now pursuing film studies in America. The soundtrack was created by Toby and Coryse Borg starred as the main actress together with eighty students from the Grade 7 (2004-2005 class) at San Andrea School.

Malta George Cross hails with the short listings in the following film festivals: European Film Festival - Malta (March 2007); Cineclub as part of the Cinekid Festival in the Netherlands (Nov 2006) ; Isole del Cinema as part of Cinemare Film Festival in Cagliari - Sardegna in Italy (Dec 2006). The film was also shown in Trine Ruud - Norway; Pii Berg - Finland; Omni 1 TV - Canada; Channel 31 - Melbourne Australia.  When the DVD was officially launched, press conferences were organised in Malta and Melbourne Australia accompanied with a 30 minute reviewed on SBS (Special Broadcasting Service) Radio Australia.The film was also forwarded for an overview by the crew of Screensaver at Rai 3 (Italy) and the crew of Blue Peter BBC - UK. This film was shown locally at St.James Cavalier Cinema and at Don Bosco Hall in Gozo.

In May 2006, as a follow-up to this project, teaching staff from the school participated in a MEDIA funded training Global Negotiations - Negotiating Co-Productions a course organised by Argovela Films & Ideal Filmworks.

Any enquiries (including re purchase of DVD) should be forwarded to

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