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Vodafone launches SOS service
By MaltaMedia News
Nov 5, 2007 - 9:43:15 AM

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Vodafone Malta has launched yet another easy and convenient service available to all its pre-paid customers.  The SOS service provides customers with peace of mind, brought about by the knowledge that they will never run out of credit again.                                                           

Vodafone SOS is a service whereby customers can now ‘borrow’ 50c (€1.16) credit from Vodafone in situations where they run out of credit and cannot top-up in the usual manner. To apply for the Vodafone’s SOS service, customers just need to send an SMS to 16250 with the word ‘SOS’ written as text. Upon sending this message their Vodafone account will immediately be credited with Lm0.50 (€1.16).  This SMS message is free of charge when the customer sends it locally but the applicable roaming rates apply when using the service whilst abroad.

“Gone are the days of panic resulting from lack of credit.  With the new Vodafone SOS service, customers can rest assured that they will never run out of credit wherever they are.  This is yet another service for the benefit of our customers and we’re confident it will be well  received” said Daniela Bagnaschi Consumer Marketing Senior Manager at Vodafone Malta.

Customers will be eligible to apply for the SOS service when they have Lm0.50 (€1.16) or less in their account. The credit given plus a minimal charge of 5c (€0.12) will be deducted from the customers’ account when they next top-up. As a promotional offer this service is being offered free of charge for the first month.

More information on the Vodafone’s SOS Credit solution may be obtained from or by calling Customer Service on 247 from their Vodafone or on 9999 9247 from any other line.

Terms and conditions may apply.

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