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Patrol boat wreck attracts unwanted attention
By MaltaMedia News
Aug 28, 2007 - 11:34:59 AM

The recently scuttled P-29 patrol boat wreck is proving to be popular with diving enthusiasts. However it’s also attracting the unwanted attention of thieves, who have been stealing whatever they can break off or unscrew from the vessel.

According to The Times of Malta Simone Brinch-Iversen from the Maltaqua diving centre said "Unfortunately, bits off the new wreck are already missing, as some narrow- minded persons have removed parts of the instrument panels, numerous nuts and bolts from the chimney, and also the phone went missing just a day after it was scuttled."

The patrol boat was scuttled 150 metres off the Ċirkewwa coast earlier this month. The 62-metre-long boat is one of a series of wrecks aimed at diving enthusiasts.

Ms Brinch-Iversen called on divers to leave the wreck alone, so that it can be enjoyed by others. According to the newspaper, she also said that the Professional Diving Schools Association was urging authorities to enforce laws so that dive sites are protected both from vandals, as well as from fishing nets and spearfishermen.  

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