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Designs for Maltese Euro coins chosen
By MaltaMedia News
Jun 10, 2006, 18:58 CET

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The three designs that shall feature on the eight faces of national Euro coins are the Maltese Cross, the Maltese Coat of Arms and the Mnajdra Temples. The fourth option, the design of the Statute of the Baptism of Christ did not make it onto the face of the national Euro coin after receiving the least number of votes in the final phase of public consultation regarding the choice of the faces on the Maltese Euro coin. The Maltese cross was the highest voted design with over 15,600 votes.

How the Mnajdra Temples design will on on the Maltese EuroThe total number of votes cast during the public consultation via SMS was of 43,000. The Maltese coat of Arms was the second most preferred design garnering over 11,300 votes, followed by the Mnajdra Temples design with 8,900 votes. The final public consultation held between the 29th May and the 9th June follows the first phase of consultation were the four designs were selected among 12 options. In the second consultation phase the public chose three out of four designs produced by coin designer Noel Galea Bason. Three of the designs - the Statute of the Baptism of Christ, Malta’s Coat of Arms and the Mnajdra Temple Altar - were chosen from the twelve themes presented to the public. The fourth design, that of the Maltese eight-pointed Cross, was also considered for the second consultation process after it received the highest number of votes from the public as an alternative to the 12 themes presented in the first public consultation phase.

The first public consultation phase was launched in January 2006. In this instance almost 17,000 persons registered their preferences from among several icons and images that represent Malta and the Maltese way of life. In common with several other EU Member States, the Maltese euro coins will have three different designs: one for the one and two euro coins, one for the fifty, twenty and ten cent coins and one for the five, two and one cent coins. In the upcoming days, the Central Bank of Malta (CBM) together with the National Euro Changeover Committee (NECC) will be involved in technical debates to determine which face should be chosen for each coin.

The European single currency, the Euro, is expected to be adopted in Malta by the 1st January 2008, as one of its commitments following the accession to the European Union in 2004.

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