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Church Commission worried about cost of property
By MaltaMedia News
Jan 6, 2007, 11:25 CET

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The Diocesan Commission is worried about the local cost of property. In a paper published on Friday, the commission voiced its concern about �the endemic and uncontrollable speculative practices in the property market�.

Speaking in the name of the commission, chairman Godfrey Leone Ganando called upon all political and social players to adopt this issue as a top priority for immediate concerted action if they truly believe in social inclusion and a sustainable standard of living.

�A truly anti-poverty and sustainable standard of living approach cannot exclude housing from the collective aspects of the common good, which also includes the right to work, food, education and health,� the Commission emphasized.

The Church Commission also expressed its concern about the access to housing, the implications of the increase by the Central Bank of Malta in the central intervention rate in relation to home loans and the rental option.

The Commission augured that its comments and reflections will be received in the spirit of promoting and fostering social justice on a collective basis, and not as a tool to promote self-interest and partisan politics.

The commission�s entire reflection paper on Social Justice Issues can be viewed here

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